January 12, 2012
Why are you so bothered NOW? And GTFO Montel.

Boo hoo! Marines are pissing on dead taiban and it’s some big problem? We want them to be crazy enough to get blown up everyday and kill people in Afghanistan like ants, some which are simple farmers that get handed a gun and shoved out in front and used as a shield. Can we really think that we can draw that line at this point?

Yea its fucked up, but so is what they are forced to do every day. If you don’t like it GTFO and figure out a better way to solve problems instead of sending our future out into some shit hole in the middle of nowhere to burn $(I mean make things go bang bang) for 10 years.

And what’s even dumber is Montel Williams’ comment on the issue. Reinstate the draft will solve this problem? Yea instead of killing taliban and farmers they will be forced to walk into ridiculous wars and die on command, or even worse..


Here’s an idea Montel, stick to endorsing these fake online banks that prey on the lower class, all while skirting around U.S and state law(s) and exploiting Native Americans.
I’m disgusted I ever respected you and watched your TV show.

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